If you are intelligent, you will be able to do well in society right?
Not Really. It still depends on other factors such as working hard.

So it means that if you are intelligent and you worked hard, you will succeed in life?
Not Yet. You may not be working hard the right way and when problems occur, you may not be able to solve them the right way.

Happiness of  Passengers
In an airplane, the pilot is an intelligent person. He can fly the plane well. Does it mean that all the passengers will be happy? Not really. The flight attendants may be rude to the passengers and this will cause unhappiness to the passengers.

With an intelligent pilot and courteous flight attendants, the passengers should be happy now. If the passengers are hungry and no food is served to them, they will not be happy.  The happiness of the passenger will depend on the weakest factor during the flight journey. In this case, it is the lack of food.

To enable a successful journey and satisfied passengers, many factors have to be in place at the same time. The same goes for achieving Success in Life.

The Result of Your Success depends on Your Weakest Component
Our Success in Life is a combination of several components which I have broadly categorized them as Wisdom, Attitude and Action (WAA). The Result of Your Success will be Based on Your Weakest Component.

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Take Special Note of your
Wisdom, Attitude and Action (WAA)

Create a WAA SUCCESS for Life