Have you had the experience of lazing on your comfortable bed and hesitating to switch off the light. It may only take less than 1 minute (you are right, it takes only 3 seconds), and you can enjoy the rest of the time (8 hours) of sleep in peaceful darkness.

Switching off the lights in 3 seconds and enjoy the wonderful darkness for the next 8 hours is a simple task but still people have the tendency to be lazy about this.

This happens in our daily life. Even though we know that there will be good consequences in performing certain acts, our mind at times still hesitate about doing them. Why is that so?

To be rich, to be successful in career and to be loved by others are Dreams that our minds like and wish to have. There is no pressure in dreaming because we can stop this dream anytime and we can also change this dream to whatever we want.
That is also why many people likes to hope, likes to dream and likes to wish.

People who wants to get rich will say “I wish that I will be rich”; “I hope that I will be wealthy”
There is no pressure and no commitment in just saying. As what most people say, “Talking is cheap”.

A Dream remains a Dream.
A Hope remains a Hope.
A Wish remains a Wish.

Our Mind needs a trigger point. A trigger that translates that wish, that dream and that hope into real action. An action that translates into reality. A reality that we can use in our society.

A Dream is no longer a Dream.
A Hope is no longer a Hope.
A Wish is no longer a Wish.

That Trigger Point is just a “Push”.
A “Push” that shuts inner voices of the mind temporarily so that we can proceed with the action.

Inner voices may have both positive and negative thoughts.
The “Push” is to stop all talking – both positive and also negative thoughts.

The inner voices in your mind will start talking and discussing. 

They will talk and discuss on thoughts such as:
• Telling you how comfortable the bed is
• Resting the body for 5 more minutes before getting up
• Sleeping with the lights on is of no issue
• Someone will help you to switch the lights off later


What you can do:

1) “Push” the “Stop button” to stop the talking and discussions of your inner voices in your mind.
Tell the inner voices to continue the talking and discussions later.

2) Proceed with the task (Switch off the lights).

3) Upon completion of the task, release the button and let the inner voices resume their talking and discussions.

Note that the inner voices will have nothing else to talk or discuss as the task has been completed.
At the same time, you will feel a sense of quietness and satisfaction inside you.

People wish to be rich and to live well.  However many people just hesitate to take action. They are overwhelmed by the talks and discussions of their inner voices that reside in their mind.
Would you want to study hard for 3 years, get a university certificate and find a job with decent salary for the next 30 years? Just “Push” and Get the Certificate

Would you want to have an investment skill, learn it for 5 years and use the skills for the next 40 years.
Just “Push” and Learn The Investment Skills

Would you want to start a Cash Flow Business, nurture it for 6 years and receive cash flow for the rest of your life?
Just “Push” and Start The Cash Flow Business

The list goes on…

Practise this regularly in your everyday life. It applies to many events in life.