We have moved from being a baby to an adult. We started with crying, crawling to talking and walking. As we get older, we go school, study hard and get a good certificate. Later, we go into society and started working to create wealth for ourselves and our family. The following picture dictates a standard life cycle that we go through:

What makes a difference in your life would be the way you structure these 2 items; Passive CashFlow and Medical Protection:

Where should you place these 2 items?

Importance of Passive CashFlow
I strongly believe that a strong passive cash flow will provide you with the comfortable lifestyle without having a job. Your money will work hard for you to provide you with the cash flow.  Create your own cashflow: “CashFlow Machine : Doing the PopCorn Business

Importance of Medical Protection
We want to protect our cash from being wiped out due to our health problems. Medical Protection is of extreme importance in our wealth creation – “Wealth Creation Equation“.
To gain wealth, we must first patched the holes.

Are Passive Cashflow and Medical Protection in place?