Saving money has always been a priority for most people, but the reality is that it is Really Hard To Save. With prices going up on just about everything we use on a day to day basis, it is no wonder that our buying power is shrinking and everyone is looking for ways to cut back on expenses

The truth is, it is hard to save money, but we must try and we have to succeed. Lets start by looking at our Needs, as opposed to our Wants. What are our spending habits? Do we have a control of what we want to buy for our “Wants” ?

Right now, most of us have something that we are buying, not because we need it, but simply because it was there and it seemed like a good thing to have when we saw it in the store. But now, we have it at home, it’s not being used, and it is just sitting around collecting dust which we usually termed it as a “white elephant”.

Lets address the Savings-Spending Patterns of most people:

Most People Spend First then Save

Most People spend their income first and then try to save the rest. Usually, there is not much left for Saving. I find the following pattern extremely useful and lets try to do it this way:

Saving then Spending
It should be Save First then Spend

Life may seem to be a bit tough as the amount left after Saving seems a bit “tight” for your usual spending habits. With this pattern in place, this will curb your spending habits and your future life will be in a much better shape.

The following 2 Steps will change your Life:
1) Change the pattern to Saving First Then Spending
    – Set aside 10% of your income and slowly increase it to 15%, 20%, 25%, 30%, 40%.

2) Save the Money to a separate account in which you will not be touching it.

Choose to change your life now.