Many traders would like to make money from the market. That’s the main objective isn’t it? Are there other things that one can gain from trading the markets? Personally I would say “Yes”. To me, the trading of the financial markets means more than just making money off the market.  There are many areas that have provided invaluable lessons and sparks in my life that make life stronger and more meaningful.

Making more money from the market is a great success to many. That’s fantastic. I am not going to say that this is no good. I would like to look beyond the obvious and grab the neglected and hidden gains.

I would like to pay great respect to the market random fluctuations that enables me to grow and strengthen my psychology. This psychology propels me ahead in life in terms of my thinking and also the view of life. It tilts my mind, and the way that one thinks, that I strive to look beyond the “obvious” meaning of things that most people perceived to be “those are the standard path and choices in life”.

Like many traders out there, I have also hit the objective in the financial markets
More Money

However, the gains from the wealth journey that I appreciate more would be
A never-give-up attitude in Life
Treasuring what I have now
The Ability to look beyond the obvious
Realizing the importance of Time vs Money
Embracing that financial markets is just a game
Enhancing Life Consciousness of living in Present Moment
Better Control of Emotions
Achieving Happiness Without the influence of Money
Life is More Than Just Money – Helping The Needy


So the original objective of making more money may still lingers around one’s mind. Be sure to appreciate the other more important aspects in life. Money is material. Happiness is priceless. Life is what we choose to live in.  Everyone has a fresh start of 24 hours daily. Choose well. Take care.