Recently, my water heater in my toilet has gone haywire and stopped working.  It no longer provides me with warm water flow any more. I have no idea why it has stopped working. Probably it has a limited lifespan – I have used it for 6 years. Or probably the wires inside must have short-circuited. No matter what may the reason be, it has stopped providing me with warm water flow.

Luckily, I have 2 toilets at home. The water heater in that toilet is still working and it is able to provide me with warm water flow.  So no impact to my normal life. It took 3 days for me to find a replacement  for the water heater (with installation) for my first toilet.

What if it is not a spoilt water heater
This leads me to my second portion of my thoughts. What if the issue faced is not a spoilt water heater and it is a loss of job. It is no longer about Water Flow. Now it will be a stoppage of Cash Flow.

One and Only Cash Flow Channel
Most people have only 1 cash flow channel.

For employees, it will be their job which pays them a monthly salary.
For self-employed, it will be their business commission or business profits.

For those who have lost their jobs, how long do they need to find a replacement job? Can it be as easy as finding a replacement for a water heater within 3 days? During a good economy, finding a job usually takes less than 3 months. In a bad economy or recession, it will take at least 6 months or longer to find a job. Worst, there may not even have enough jobs as companies are cutting down on their hiring. For the self-employed, your business commission or business profits may be reduced in a bad economy.

So is another channel of cash flow necessary for you?

My answer to this would be, we not only need channels of cashflow, we also need to know how to build them and to build them fast, before the primary channel of cash flow stops.

I am not suggesting you to deviate from your primary job. What I am saying is, to build up your financial literacy, know them, use them, execute them to sustain your survival and the survival of your family in this society. With that, we will not create a hindrance to our society and country. In fact we will be able to continue to contribute to our booming country. If every one of us can take care of ourselves and families, we can extend our assistance to more people in this society.

Have You Created Your Back up Channels

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