Movement by the Big Players have been spotted
in August and in July!!

What is the rationale of the selloff?
Which indicators signal this selloff?
What moves did the big players take?


[14 Aug]  1 Big Trader Bought This Position for $28,000,000

[13 Aug ’15] Buying Volatility

[11 Aug ’15] Potential Market Down Turn during this period – Signals Shown by the Big Players

[03 Aug ’15] *SPECIAL ARTICLE* – Why One Will Use $100,000 To Short This Index

[22 Jul ’15] Playing the Dollar

[17 Jul ’15] Adding longer term positions in S&P 500


(Believe It Or Not) We Are Moving To The Bear Market!!
Copper Also Plunge Down. Is this a sign of Coming Market Crash?

Silver Market Crash. Next is the Equity Market? Will History Repeat?

(SGX–STI) Heads & Shoulders Formation (Bearish!!)

(Index Plunge!!) Singapore, Hong Kong, China, United States, Russell

(US–NASDAQ) Back to Dot Com Level!! The Plunge Will Start Any Time!!

(SGX – Singtel, KeppelCorp, CityDev) Do not be caught holding the Highs!!

(SGX – STI) How Long Does It Take For STI to Drop 1300 points?

(SGX – STI) After A Drop of More Than 100 points, Where is STI going Next?

STI Going Down Hard!!

Confirmation Bar in May

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