Millionaires/Billionaires think differently from the rest of us. Their outlook on life shapes their own realities. There is always a positive point and a negative point to any situation. It seems that these successful people think positively at all times instead of letting their fears and insecurities get the best of them. Because of this, I believe that the mind is the most powerful and valuable thing that you own. You create your own reality through your perception. A poor attitude on life can severely limit you, while a positive one can help you succeed beyond your expectations. I made a list of mindsets that many millionaires have.

Law of Attraction

“This is a guest post from Sam Lee, an entrepreneur, real estate investor, and finance aficionado.
With experiences in finance as a Risk Analyst at the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) in Dublin, Ireland
and also a bond trader at a well known investment company in Chicago”


The mindset of a Millionaire vs. the Average Joe: 

The Average Joe says, “I have some friends, but I’m pretty much on my own.” The Millionaire says, “I’m grateful for all the people who have guided me, mentored me, and supported me. I have the trust of many people because I always do my honest best”.

The Average Joe says, “what’s in it for me? I’m only out for number 1 (me). (Isn’t this how rich people use others?). In contrast, the Millionaire thinks relationships are for long-term, and it’s important to cultivate deep and meaningful relationships.

The average Joe thinks of a mentor as someone who can teach them new job skills. The Millionaire says, “I seek very wise men and women for leadership and friendship. I have had these types of mentors all throughout my life. I know I cannot be successful on my own strength, that is why I have these mentors to help me and guide me”. 

 Success and Failure

The Average Joe says, “I don’t like talking about work at home”. The Millionaire says, “behind every great man, lies a great woman helping him. My spouse is my best supporter. We talk about everything. My spouse is the source of my courage and insights”.

The Average Joe thinks, “go to school, get good grades, get a good job. Education adds credentials to get a good job”. The successful Millionaire says, “school is good place to learn how to be a good worker, but not necessarily a good boss. The best education is through life experiences. I have struggled and I have failed many times, but I have learned so much about what I am capable of doing and how to succeed next time”.

Future Goals
The Average Joe says, “another hard day. Let’s just sit on the sofa and watch TV to unwind. I’ll think about those problems tomorrow…” The Millionaire says, “I tell myself, if I could accomplish anything and be successful at it, what would I accomplish in 1,3,5 years? What does it take to accomplish those goals, and how would I position myself to do so? (I know that there may be a chance that I won’t be able to accomplish those goals, but instead of accumulating a 500 million dollar empire, 2nd or 3rd place is great as well; 50 million dollar business). I have a clear purpose and vision for my life, and it is not just about money. I ultimately want to help others and create a cause far greater than my own.

I think that it is very true that successful people think differently than the average joe. They don’t even have to millionaires, just successful in their accomplishments or industry. It seems like there is the law of attraction at work here.

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Dave’s Note :
This article written by Sam Lee catches my eye
as it displays the various thinkings of the average Joe and the Millionaire.

Mindsets do really create a person or break a person.
What MindSet Do You Have Now?
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I am an entrepreneur, real estate investor, and finance aficionado. My experiences in finance include working as a Risk Analyst at the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) in Dublin, Ireland and also working as a bond trader at a well known investment company in Chicago. I am involved in several different types of investments (real estate, equity, notes, ect) and will share my experiences about them as time goes on. I am interested in helping people with their personal finances and life decisions. I am also an entrepreneur myself and strive to increase my financial intelligence in order to educate others about finance and business.