Looking at the 3 time frame on STI.
All screaming Bearish signals.

Is every one selling or some are starting to buy the stocks as it goes down
because they are so much cheaper as compared to 3 months ago?

Fear comes into play.
Uncertainties come into play.
Money comes into Play
Warren Buffett Theory
“Buy into Fear, Sell into Greed” comes into Play

What shall we do? “Hold, Sell or Buy”?
Are we missing out on the “Buy The Dips” Opportunity?
Or this is just plain selling into the 1800 level.

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Big Boys Movements:

 6 weeks before Plunge of Singapore Index
(Available to Public)
Almost 6 weeks before the Singapore Market plunges 550 points (16%),  there is a huge purchase of Puts contracts under Singapore ETF.

2 weeks before US market Plunge
(Available to Public)
Just 2 weeks before DOW Jones plunge 2000 points,  there is a huge purchase of VIX.

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