The Banks Charts Have been Moving Both Up and Down in the recent weeks.

Most of them have dropped 15-20% from the high.
Is this the time to be in the “Be greedy when others are in Fear” mentality and to buy the dips?
Or expect more selling to come by?

This is the time when uncertainties come and create some thoughts in many of the traders.
“To Buy”, “To Hold” or “To Sell”?

In the recent week, Global Big Boys
have placed huge positions into the financial sector.

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Understand and know what the Big Boys are doing.
Short Position? Long Position?
Which period Did they enter?
What are the Big Boys Expecting?

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Missing out on small opportunities is Pain.
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Big Boys Movements:

 6 weeks before Plunge of Singapore Index
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Almost 6 weeks before the Singapore Market plunges 550 points (16%),  there is a huge purchase of Puts contracts under Singapore ETF.

2 weeks before US market Plunge
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Just 2 weeks before DOW Jones plunge 2000 points,  there is a huge purchase of VIX.

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Find out the Movement of the BIG BOYS and
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