SoyBean Business : Profit from Current Opportunity

April 18, 2012 · 2 comments

For Soybean Business Owners, an Opportunity has presented itself again in April/May. Previously I have also presented the opportunity for Corn for Jan/Feb Period and it has been a great success (Pop Corn Business : Profit from Current Opportunity)



It is a good time for Sell Call Contracts for Soybean due to seasonal tendency.
Contract Month : Aug. Contract Price : 1700 Level
Contract Month : Sep. Contract Price : 1800 Level

Contract Fees per contract is around $400.


As informed the opportunity for Corn for Jan/Feb Period has been a great success

GREAT SUCCESS for Corn Opportunity from Jan/Feb 


Grab the Opportunity
Structure Your Contracts well
Determine the type of Contracts
Keep To the 50% Rule
At least 15% away from current Price
Use at least 3-month contract


You can make reference to the Free eBook  “Cash Flow Machine #1: Doing the PopCorn Business.” for the structuring of the contracts.
Do get a copy now if you have not.

eBook  “Cash Flow Machine #1: Doing the PopCorn Business.”
– Concept of the PopCorn Business
– Exact Workings of a PopCorn Business
– Structuring Your Contracts
– Execution Screens of Creating and Submission of your Contracts
– Cash Flow of the First 9 Years of Your PopCorn Business
– What makes a Successful PopCorn Business
– Common Mistakes Made
– and more

Pop $$$ From Soybean in this season!!


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1 John April 19, 2012

Thanks for all this info. May I know where you get the charts of the commodities from?


2 Dave April 20, 2012

Hi John, you can check the charts at


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