In scientific terms, according to Newton’s 3rd Law,
“To every action there is always an equal and opposite reaction”.

For those who complain a lot and have negative thoughts of others,
Your life will not be smooth and things will be taken away from you slowly.

And Being Grateful to what you have will eventually bring you abundance.

Let me tell you. Life is fair. What you give will be what you will get.

The issue is many people complain about what they dun have.
In office, they complain about their bosses and colleagues.
At home, they complain about their parents, and their maids.
In the area of money, they complain of not enough money, not enough salary, high expenses and others.

If such complaints were to stop, one will get a better life with wealth coming into their life.
Remember, when you have negative thoughts and complain, you will have a negative life.
When you have good thoughts and help others, you will have a good life.

Everything you do will have a reaction back to you.
You can punch the wall and damage the wall.
The wall would also have “punched you back” causing pain to your fist.

When you made complaints, you are also making your life worse.

I have seen many changes in people that I have met in my life.
Many have changed. Some for the better. Some for the worse.
I am not here to comment on their lives and behaviour.
It is just an observation.
People who bears negative thoughts of others usually have things taken away from them slowly.

I would wish everyone who reads this article to
always have good thoughts and help more people.

And also to have gratitude to all the things that you have come across.

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