In April 2014, I will be launching


I have got an additional $600 to spare every month.
What Should I Do With It?

Do I use it to spend on shopping?
Do I invest in unit trust?
Do I place them in bank?

I know exactly how I will be using the $600!!

Come and See How I Use This $600
To Create Wealth Opportunities Every Month
For The Next 6 Months!!

I will publish exactly what I will do with the $600.
I will indicate clearly the opportunity for the $600 Challenge
and how much money is used for each opportunity.

And I would like to invite 30 people each month
to join me in this challenge.

(This will be what you will be seeing)




Common Question:

Where can I subscribe to the “The $600 Challenge”?
>> It will be at

Once I have subscribed, besides the information on ‘The $600 Challenge’, will I be able to see the other information at the “” site?
>> Yes. You will be able to see all information in the site.

Will you be using $600 every month?
>> Given the right opportunities, I will use close to $600 each month. This $600 may be used in several trade opportunities.

How long do I need to subscribe to the site?
>> It would be best to stay at least 6 months so as to understand my trade opportunities and to see if the opportunities works well during the period. You are able to cancel your subscription at any time you want. Do also read the site’s FAQ for more information.

How do I subscribe to the site?
>> You will subscribe to the site at (under Register)

Any special code to be used during registration?
For the special codes, please send me an email at with subject as “The $600 Challenge”.