This is the story of Jason.

He is a man in his 40s and is currently staying with his elderly father (age 75) in a small apartment in the small town of Jamaica.

His father has always been worried for his son and has always wanted his son to learn a skill so that he is able to fend for himself in case he loses his job. So his father advised him to take up an investment class to learn the investment skill.

However, there was a little problem because Jason was never good in mathematics and is not good in academic either and therefore learning is rather tough for him especially when he is already reaching 50.

The investment teacher did not have much faith in Jason as well because of his age and background. However his father is very confident that his son will do well in life.

After 3 lessons, Jason has stopped attending the lessons. The investment teacher just exclaimed “As expected, he is not able to keep up to the lessons and thus have given up. What a lousy student”.

Time passes fast. It has been a fast 3 years. The investment teacher met Jason in a coffeehouse drinking coffee. As the investment teacher was still early in meeting his group of students, he walked over and greeted Jason.

Hi Jason, How have you been?” greeted by the investment teacher.

Jason repliedLife has been good for me.”

Not believing, he asked furtherWhy did you stop your lessons? The skills would have provided you with a possible better lifestyle.

Jason paused for a while and then repliedI was not able to attend the lessons as I need to take care of my sickly father who has gotten a terminal disease. Every day, after my work, I would have to rush home to take care of him. ”

Jason had a sip of coffee and continued2 months later, my father has passed away. Since then I have worked real hard in learning the life skill. I have devoted all my energy to learn. I made losses in initial phase, it was disheartening. I continued to expose myself to more knowledge. It was a very topsy-turvy road. I did not give up and also told myself that I will not give up. I will never give up on my father’s last wishes. Things have finally changed. My father is looking from heaven and would be glad to see that I have the capability to fend for myself now and also my later years in life. I have made it. It is not about how much I have lost or gained. It is how I have picked myself up when I have fallen so that I can continue to move. No matter how many times I have fallen, I will still rise and move on.”


The investment teacher is surprised at what he has listened. But he is very delighted to know that Jason has done well. Very well in fact. He bid goodbye to Jason and move on to the table at the end of the coffeehouse to meet his group of students.

From that table, he pointed his finger towards Jason and told the students “He is my best student. And he will always be.”


With the span of 3 hard years, Jason has attained a strong level of competency in the area of investment. He is able to fend for himself with $30,000, $60,000 annual gains in his trading and continues to increase his gains to over an annual $100,000 in his later years.


 Life is tough.
The rain will come and will pass.
The rainbow will appear.
Remember to persist long enough to see the rainbow after the rain.

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