We face a lot of challenges and obstacles during our journey especially in our wealth journey.
One of the most difficult challenges is the obstacle that we have in our mind.

The acknowledgement and categorizing of the terms “Risky” and “Non-Risky” will always go through our mind. The way of how we think and acknowledge the terms are rather strange.

When most people do it, we assume it is right.
Most of us follow the majority of people and term the actions undertaken by them as “Non-Risky”. Our minds always think that actions taken by so many people cannot be wrong otherwise many people would have already suffered badly. Yes. It seems logical.

Just like starting a property investment portfolio like what most people have done is a great way to great wealth and prosperity right? The rental from the property will provide you with passive cash flow during your retirement years. That is what many people have aimed for and that is their planned strategy for retirement. Yes. It seems very right and very logical.

When we hear of many negativities, we assume it may not be right
The word being used here is “hear”. Quite a good number of people like to form opinion through information that they have collected from all different sources of media (Internet, TV,  Papers, Friends, etc). I believe most people do form their own opinion when they hear of information, be it positive or negative. Usually, negative information has a bigger impact.

If I were to tell you today that derivatives are safer than stocks, you may start thinking that I must be crazy or I must be drunk while typing this article.

Most often than not, people do not act on the item before providing their own conclusions or thoughts. They have improvised their thinking by attempting to “learn from others’ mistakes” by hearing their stories and feedback. They will most probably not attempt to try it or they may have failed in their initial tries and “condemn” the items. They will term the items as “Risky” and that will close off their minds on the items.

By shutting off the items in your mind would also mean closing possible channels that creates cash flow.

Know it, Understand it, Do it
Create channels of opportunities for you and your family.
Having a property that gives you full rental cash flow to pay for expenses during your retirement is a good plan. I have no doubt about it.

To make it a GREAT PLAN, it should also include the strategy that you need to execute to pay for your expenses during the period of time when you are still paying for your expenses and monthly instalments. In my opinion, having a job for the next 20-30 years is never considered to be a strategy.

Will the property make you a slave in the next 20-30 years (which you cannot be jobless)?

To Conclude
Today I am not telling you to indulge in stocks, properties or derivatives.
Today I am just setting a spark in your mind in the hope that you will re-open your mind and see what is available in the society that will create cash flow for you.


 SmartPassiveCashFlow Wishes All A New Opening Of Your Thoughts And Analysis