Progress creates a happier you.
Being stagnant, over time will make you an unhappy person.

Everyone wants to be rich. Everyone wants to be healthy. Everyone wants to be loved. The list goes on. There is no ending to the list of things that we wanted.

So what if one is not a millionaire yet? So what if one is fat and feeling very unhealthy now? The ‘What if’ list can also be a long one.

I believe that progress will make one a happier person. The ability to make progress towards your goals, the ability to move forward, no matter how slow or difficult the road may be, will make one happier.

You can be progressing in terms of wealth, health or even spiritually.
All progress no matter how small or big, will create a better you, and most importantly a happier you. 

 The important words “Do Not Stop”.

If you feel that you have already attained a satisfaction level in your life, do not stop. You can help people around you and especially people who need a helping hand. You will keep progressing when you help more people to progress as well.

 So what is your story?
Are you still progressing or have you stopped?

Some people seem to be progressing financially(probably not fast enough in their own expectations) and they feel that they are still not happier yet.  You should read “Are You Poor Because of Your Expectations?”

SmartPassiveCashFlow wishes you progress in whatever you are doing.