A Re-collection of the Popular Articles in 2012.

Have You Improved Since 2012? If Not, why not?
Is it not enough Time? Have you ever asked yourself on when will you ever have time?


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Everyone faces problems daily. The problems faced may be small or big. For small problems, people may just be able to push it aside and get on with lives without much impact to their lives. When it comes to bigger problems, many people may try their best to solve them as these problems will have impact to their lives.  Before they can solve their problems, due to tiredness, their energy may be overwhelmed by their negative thoughts. Read More



Have you had the experience of lazing on your comfortable bed and hesitating to switch off the light. It may only take less than 1 minute (you are right, it takes only 3 seconds), and you can enjoy the rest of the time (8 hours) of sleep in peaceful darkness.
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We do have our fun and tough times during our life journey. A cycle of ups and downs in life is inevitable. How smoothly and how fast we overcome obstacles are dictated by our beliefs. Our beliefs also determine how much we are affected by external variables such as comparison of items (achievements, physical outlook, salary, knowledge, wealth, etc). Read More


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People have always made appointments and booked their time with friends, families and also associates (people who are not close to them). Have you booked some appointments with yourself? “Of course I did!! I do have my own private time”, “Everyday I have even allocated time to play my iphone games during my journey to work” as many have claimed. So everyone has already allocated time for themselves. Everything is good and meaningful. Read More



Whether it is the attitude or just plain bad luck, I have encountered many obstacles in my journey for Passive Cash Flow. Today it is no longer due to attitude or bad luck, they have formed part of my life and are no longer of any impact to my journey. I have treated them as part of daily lives.  Read More



You have $10,000 on hand. What do you do with it? Do you place them with a bank, spend it to buy luxury items or just invest the money. Yeap. More and more people are getting more financial literate and prefer to invest the money to earn more money. Read More


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