First Thing First. Today is Singapore’s Birthday. Happy Birthday Singapore!!

Many people have set targets and goals for themselves. Similarly, SmartPassiveCashFlow has also set certain targets to be achieved in the coming years. One of the significant targets is the purchase of another Singapore Property in 2015.

All goals and targets are to be achieved with good planning and the purchase of the property in singapore will require planning to be placed ahead of time as well.

Once the planning is done, next is just the action. A routine action will assist me to purchase the property.

Lets focus on the action needed to achieve this target and the risks that come with this purchase.






I have gotten the main items in place and ready for the purchase of the singapore property in 2015.

SmartPassiveCashFlow wishes you all the best in the creation of your property portfolio too.


* CPF – refers to the monthly contribution placed with the financial institution for our retirement.