People from all walks of life faces all kinds of situations and obstacles during their Journey of Life. These so called situations and obstacles are meant to slow us down and make us tired. But the ultimate essence of these obstacles is only to train our persistency and endurance towards Success.

If you meet an obstacle and you give up, you actually have stopped.  If you meet obstacles and managed to clear it one after another, your success is moving towards you faster and faster.


One may ask: “It is tiring and frustrating to keep meeting obstacles. Am I fated not to be able to cross the obstacles?” This is the normal statement that most people have when they get tired. This is also the Training of Life that is a gift for you. Are you willing and have the courage to accept this gift and also the persistency to stay long enough to open this gift?

This gift which is the “Gift of Success” is given to everyone. It is up to you to open it.

 If you never have stress before, how can you appreciate a stress-less life.

I have always told my friends these:
“If you are hungry, go and find food. If you need money, go and earn the money.
Getting stressed up with no action does not help.
If you want opportunities, create them. Do not wait for them”

And their excuse:
“Not Everyone can do that.
Laziness is my failure point.
Currently no money.
Waiting for the right opportunity.
Wait till I have money.
I do not have a passion.
He is very lucky.
I do not understand what I want.
Will think about it again.

SmartPassiveCashFlow Wishes All To Have A “Never Give Up” Mentality.