“If You Do Not Know The Real Cause To Your Problem,
You Shall Not Get The Real Solution To Your Problem.”

Many times in our lives, we have encountered problems after problems, obstacles after obstacles. Some of us gave up. Some of us find the cause to them. And Very Few managed to reflect on themselves to find the Real Cause.

What exactly is the Real Cause?
There are people who are not earning enough and keep wanting to earn more. However, they did not succeed in doing so and they know the cause to this. It is because of them not having a good qualification. So they have managed to equate the low earnings to low qualification. Cause found and thus the mind is programmed to think that way to rationalise it.

HOWEVER, having low qualification is NOT the REAL CAUSE. The Real Cause would be the attitude. The attitude of not consistently upgrading to get better qualifications, better experience and better skills.

If attitude is the Real Cause, then change that attitude to achieve higher income and better lifestyle in life.

In the world of investment, certain group of people may not have gain much in their investments as per current status. So is the cause due to the lack of investment strategies? or the strategies that they have learnt are not working at all. OR is the Real Cause due to some other reasons such as “Scared Money“.

I would define “Scared Money” as the
Weak Psychology in managing one’s money in the arena of investment with Multiple Fears.

Multiple Fears such as :
1. Always thinking not having enough knowledge yet to start,
2. Constantly looking for a better strategy,
3. Concerned of all the details of losing the money,
4. Emotional about the placement of the entries,
5. Avoided a strategy after losing a couple of trades,
6. Losing money and getting regretful (thinking of placing the money in other areas).

So realising the Real Cause in any Situation will allow the Real Solution to be applied.

At times, we use Real Cause as Root Cause as well. It is fine with me. Both resonate well with me.

SmartPassiveCashFlow Wishes All in Getting The Real Cause of Your Problems.