Tim studies accounting during his school days. He found a job as an accountant and has been working in this area for the since graduation.  He is a hardworking and dedicated accountant.


Tim is 33 years old and lives with his wife and two children. Tim loves his job and works near a firm near his home. He is fascinated by numbers and has always had a keen interest in watching the stock market and trading – and has recently dabble in trading himself. If anyone asks him what is currently happening on the stock market, he can inform them comprehensively as he keeps up to date with investing in the stock market.

Outside of work, Tim like to spend his time relaxing. He often meets his friends on Friday nights for drinks after work, and for soccer on Saturday mornings. He then spends the rest of his weekend at home with his family. His two children are still small, and they love riding their bikes in the park, so Tim usually spends Sunday morning on a long walk with his wife while his children play.

Tim is quite active on social media, particularly facebook which he uses to keep in touch with his friends and family and twitter which he uses to learn more about the stock market.

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