I have summarized my Wealth Creation Formula in the above visual image. 

My questions to you are:

How prepared are you in your retirement plans?

How much do you know that can help to sustain your current and future lifestyle?

How many areas of the financial skills have you learnt? Is just one area enough? 

Are you protected both medically and financially?

What is next once you are “jobless”? Is having a stable job your ultimate financial security?
What happens when you reach 45 and beyond? What other choices do you have? Another job hunt? 

Is Dividend play enough for your retirement? It is if you have invested 1 million dollars with a 5% return
(and the company that you have invested is still making money).
And how are you getting a million with your current pay?
(if you save $2000/mth, it will take you 40 years)

and more!!

Are these just questions created from the air?
Or it this the reality that you, me and many others are also facing?

Do feel free to drop me questions or experiences that you have.
In my later articles, I will also share with you
on the experience and questions posted by some of them

SmartPassiveCashFlow can create and provide meaningful thoughts in you.
But whatever outcomes that come out from you depends solely on your actions now!! 

If you are serious and wish to take action,
you can do so at “My Trades” category.