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Goals and Dreams
Everyone has his goals and dreams in life.
The goal of being wealthy and having a happy family may be a common objective for many. Most often than not, many people have also encountered many difficulties, disappointments and setbacks during their pursuit of their goals.

I have also got my own goals and dreams. Similarly, in my journey to my goals and dreams,  I have also faced my own set of disappointments and setbacks in life. Each of them, to me is a huge blow to me.

In every failure or setback that I have faced, it was painful but I did not give up. Every time, I came up stronger than before.

The reason I keep coming back stronger and never give up to the harsh realities of the society is this light from my candle.  It is this light that guide me through the darkness and unforgiving cruelty of the society.


Believers and Non-Believers
The ones who survived were the ones who believed that they would survive. The ones who did not believe died fast. The believers constantly looked, bargained and schemed for the extra scrap of bread, a little piece of cloth to keep themselves warm. The believers grab every little something extra to have that fighting edge.

Those who did not believe they could survive had a look in their eyes. They also had faith but the negative faith. The faith that they are going to die. They never look for that extra crumb of bread to eat nor find that extra piece of cloth to keep them warm.  They resign to fate.

I would strongly urge you to get that “extra” whenever you can.

Darkness Comes And Stay with You
The loss of their loved ones, quarrels between loved ones that end up in relationship entanglement. Accidents, sickness and old age that cause health to deteriorate. Loss of huge amount of money in stock market, business failures and cheated by others bring down your financials or even make you a bankrupt.

In such times, there are huge amount of negativities. Disappointment, frustrations, irritations, anxiety, loss of directions, blaming, and even the weak motivation to survive will surface. They will bring you down. They create darkness in you. Your world suddenly becomes dark.

Easy to Say
It is easy for others to tell you not to succumb to the problems.  Many people will prescribe all sorts of solution to you. But you already have the prescription in you.

What is this light of mine? Where did it come from?
It is an imaginary candle in my mind. The effect of the light from the candles ignites every part of my thoughts to make it brighter and stronger.

When darkness comes, I will look at the light from my  imaginary candle.
There is darkness but there is also light. The light will shine in the darkness and guide me in my journey.

It may sound “ridiculous” to you that I have an imaginary candle that helps me.
It did really help me in my life journey.


Light Always Shines In The Darkness.
Yes. I may be burdened by many negativities in life. But I know that these negativities are brightened by the light from my candle. I know that there will always be light in my path.

This is how I keep moving and never be burdened by the darkness that is surrounding me.

Inside me, I have the light and the light shines in the darkness.
There is no more darkness in my path.

 Always believe in yourself that you are in control of your life and you can do it.
Come and Join me in this exciting journey and also learn from my sharings.

Remember :
It will be Your Turn. Never Quit.

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