Today, I am not going to tell you a secret.
I am going to tell you a fact. A fact that people wanted but not able to achieve.

The Fact is “Most people are not able to retire before 50”. Probably you have already made preparations. However many people around you have planned but they will still not able to retire before 50. Why is that so?

The intent of this article is not to tell you in details why people are not able to retire before 50 or how many people are not able to do so. It is more useful to state down the various types of channels that you can go for to assist you in your retirement. Being practical is more meaningful for this subject.


Being able to retire means you are no longer dependent on a job or your customers to generate your monthly cash flow and this monthly cash flow is sufficient for your lifestyle. There are many versions of “retirement” and “cash flow”. Certain cash flow channels are recognised by some people as passive and semi-passive, some may even termed them as “risky”. These people are right in their own views. For me, I would plainly address it as “how much is your monthly cash flow without depending on your job and also your customers“.   

Many people have planned to retire as early as possible. It is good to have a plan to retire early. It is more important to have a Realistic Way to plan for your retirement.  How many people have created this realistic way? I am not a financial consultant and thus I am not here to tell you what is good and what is bad in the market. In the article, I am sharing my views on retirement.

“What Got You Here Won’t Get You There”

As everyone knows, we get more valuable as we age and gain more experience as well. That is very true. However, I see many people keep doing the “same things” every year and these do not really make them more “Valuable” and more “Experienced”.  

Being Experienced and Valuable means having a variety of survival skills that can be used during both good times and bad times to help maintain the lifestyle of you and your family and also to be able to extend a helping hand to others.


* Property is fully paid or have a excellent positive cash flow 

Learn as much as possible. Be more hardworking and also more open minded to look at things around you. There are many opportunities in the society. All that is needed is to recognize them, evaluate them and accept those that best fit your lifestyle and current financial status. Of course accepting them means taking action on them.

For retirement purposes,
please plan for at least $6,000 or even $10,000 per month
or at least 75% of your last monthly cash flow.

Do you have any of the above cash flow channels?
Probably you already have some of them. Congrats!!

The next question to ask is
Are the amounts generated from them enough for your retirement?

Smart Passive Cash Flow wishes you a Successful Retirement!!

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