People are striving hard and always wanting to achieve a massive wealth so that they can retire comfortably. The various sources of wealth typically includes Real estate, stocks, commodities, businesses, etc.

Today, I am touching on another type of wealth which probably many people would have just missed out during their journey. I know that people are from all walks of life and have different experiences and encounters during their pursuit of their dreams. Some have more bad encounters than good ones. Some have more good ones than bad ones. Life is full of ups and downs.

So what have happened during these ups and downs?  

In the pursuit of the money wealth and fame, did this journey create a better you? Are you becoming more tolerant, more forgiving, more caring, more helpful and with no intention and action to harm anyone at all? Or did you become more greedy, more stingy, more boastful, more jealous, more impatient with people around you? Have you also lost important friends along the way?


Which Path Do You Wish To Take?

Do you blame people for your failure? Do you blame yourself for your failure?
All blaming is just a symptom so show that you have degraded during this journey.

The strongest wealth of all is yourself.

 Remember, money can be given to you. But character is built only by yourself.
Do not neglect this wealth during your journey to your dream.
SmartPassiveCashFlow wishes you all the best in your journey of dreams.


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