The Red Light has turned into Green Light signalling for Pedestrians to cross the Road.

People waiting for this Green Light will happily cross the road as expected.

Wait!! From a distance away, there is another person who is running, rushing and trying to cross the road as well.



The green light is flashing and the person has not started crossing the road yet.

What should he do now?

  1. Just Cross the Road
  2. Hesitate and then Cross
  3. Stop and Wait for the next Green Light.

Chances are the person will choose 1 or 2.
Why is that so? Mainly because he has already made so much effort to rush to the crossing and thus he will attempt to cross it.

It is human nature that after going through some effort in doing something, one will refuse to give up.

If you have spent a certain amount of time pursuing something you wanted in life but later realised that this “thing” is not what you wanted, would you give it up and change direction?

If you have made efforts to read about particular stock and invested into it, but later realised that this may not be a good stock, will you just cut it out and move on. Or will you just keep it and wait for “miracle” to happen?

Is it the fear of losing or the amount of efforts that kill our right decision?

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