The Search for Passive Cash Flow is a Very Tiring Process. Isn’t it?

Are You Also Feeling The Heat?

People always wanted to have a good family, a good life, good health and plenty of money.  

Lets focus on money portion for this article.

In the journey of searching for a better way to gather more money seems to be the ultimate process for most people. However this ultimate process seems good to have but hard to achieve.

Is this process really hard to achieve?

Wealth is something we need to visualize first before actually having it. Everything goes through a process. Some processes take a longer time and some take a shorter time. Even a vase needs to undergo massive heating over the fire in order for it to be completed. The fire is hot, the fire is burning, the result is a beautiful vase that is being created. Destination is just destination. Result is just result. Whether one can really reach a result or destination will really depend on what he has defined for his goal and objective.

In our topic today, gaining wealth is also a process and a journey.

The tough portion is the ability to start on the wealth journey. The even tougher portion is the perseverance to continue on this journey despite all the massive heat and obstacles that you have encountered during the journey.


My Summarised Wealth Journey

I have been in the wealth journey for the past 10 years or so. The journey is absolutely tough for me back then (as I was only in my twenties that time).  As with most people, I have started with unit trusts and stocks. Over the years, I have progressed into ETF, forex, index futures, bonds and commodities, Commodities itself have its own categories such as Grains, Energy, Metals, Softs, Poultry, etc. It took me huge amount of time to learn and understand each and every of the asset class. The toughest part is the perseverance to continue in the pursuit of the knowledge and to have the ability to apply them.

In recent times, I have added the element of Property Investment into my wealth journey as well.

How much can one know?
Who have bought Unit Trusts before?
Put up your hand

Who have bought Stocks (SG, HK, US) before?
Put up your hand

Who have executed Call and Put options before?
Put up your hand

Who have executed Debit and Credit Spreads before?
Put up your hand

Who knows the difference between SPX, SPY, SPXU, OEX and ES?
Put up your hand 

Who have bought Gold and Silver Futures/Options before?
Put up your hand

Who have bought Coffee Futures/Options before?
Put up your hand

Who knows of at least 3 ways to play the APPLE Stock when it is going up?
Put up your hand

Who knows what is a Professional Gap and a Fake Gap?
Put up your hand

Who knows what is a Property Cash-Out?
Put up your hand

Who knows how to determine if the Property is Undervalued?
Put up your hand

….and the list goes on.

Do You Stop When You Are Not Able To Answer Some Of The Questions?
Do You Persevere On To Find Out More and Also To Take Actions?

This wealth journey is an on-going process. Just like digging for gold, we must keep digging and digging and you will find what you want along the way. As long as you do not stop, you will achieve what you have always wanted. You can go slow but you must never stop.


We do feel uncomfortable to be drenched by the heavy rain.
Remember : The Rainbow Only Appears After The Rain.

Will You Be There To See The Rainbow or Have You Moved to Another Location?

SmartPassiveCashFlow Wishes You Well In Your Wealth Journey