The Story

Long long time ago, there is a group of 4 good friends, namely “Jason, Peter, Joy and Tim”. They are tired of being “Average”. They are determined to start looking at ways to make their big pot of money. So they have decided to look for gold. They have engaged the help of a Gold Technologist. The Technologist did his research and found the location where there is abundance gold. He sent the blueprint to them.

They were delighted. Immediately they bought the digging equipment and started the wealth exploration.

Months and Weeks pass by. No Gold has yet to be found.
Jason and his friends are getting tired. Real tired.  Finally, they have given up and went off to try another area for wealth exploratory.

However one of them “Timdid not give up.

Instead he continues on, because he knows that by giving up does not change his status of being “Average”. He wanted a change. He wanted it so badly that he continues on and on.

To him, every opportunity is a chance.  A Chance to change his “Status”. He did not stop instead he works even harder.

In the end, Tim found what he wanted .


Many People have been provided with opportunities throughout their life.
Some are able to grab the opportunities.
But Only a Few will stay long enough to open the Gold Chest.

In the story, only Tim stays long enough to open the “Gold Chest”
This is the reality and statistics of life.




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