Fans are used to cool off the warm climate that we have. However, long hours of blowing from fans may cause one to get cold, especially in the night.

So imagine that you have gotten cold during the night due to the constant blowing of the fan. You will just use a blanket to cover yourself and also to block the wind.

Now, here comes the main topic for the article, “The Blanket”. What blanket will help you to defend the wind from the Fan?

 Some say comforter.
Some say a cotton blankets.
Some say Chenille blankets.
Some say Quilts,
Some say Wool Blankets.
                    Some Say Cashmere Blankets.


 All the above blankets vary in prices and they are made from different type of material. But the most important thing to note is that they all work well to defend against the wind. We need a blanket to defend against the wind.

So what is the point that I am making here.

Many of us have experienced lows and highs in our life. And the “Blanket” that can help us to defend against the toughness of the society is our attitude that we have created in our life.

This Attitude Towards Life is the “Blanket” that we need in this society.

I know that many people around me have worked hard, have strived before but somehow results did not manage to come by.

All I would like to say is
“Do Not Give Up”
Stay positive, Rest A While Then Continue on.

No matter what you have faced in life,
do remember to face it with a good attitude
and you will never feel “cold” ever after.


Share this “blanket” to everyone in this society.