There is saying that one needs great luck in order to succeed. I would not totally say that it is wrong. But where does such luck come from? This question can spin off many possibilities and answers from many perspectives of life.

 What I am addressing in this article is that luck is good to have. However hardwork is the fundamental factor for success.



For one to meet luck, one has to move on substantially in life before one can meet up with luck. Even if you have met up with luck (which I call it opportunity), one will still need to continue to put in effort to move and to pursue your dreams.


Your road may be in the form of “zig zag” shape.
(With Little Luck)

And You Can Still Achieve Success!!
Yes You Can!!


People after moving in life for some time may have met with opportunities. Some more than others, some less than others. For those who have gone through life without much opportunities, they would be feeling tired after many the hard knocks. Does it mean that they will not succeed?

To me, life is created in such a manner that provides everyone with the chance for Success.
As long as you continue to move on and do not give up,
You will achieve Success.

Never Quit. Your Chance Will Come.