Another Awesome Week!! I continue to have interrupted sleep this week (due to the new addition to the family). However I managed to use some of the night time to continue with the profits surge this week. Cheers!!

I always believe that when you want to do it, you will act on it and results will follow. Thinking and pondering will only add more stress to the emotions. Only action, determination and perseverance will make things happen. It can happen to me. It can happen to you and many others too. Good week. Good Profits. “High-Five!!”




SmartPassiveCashFlow-ProfitsSurge2 SmartPassiveCashFlow-ProfitsSurge3

I buy in bulk and sell off slowly to maximise my profits!!

I have received numerous emails asking me to start a class
to teach on some of the strategies that I use.
This year will be a busy year for me (with the new addition to the family).
Starting of a class may commence next year.

In the meantime, for those who are in the wealth journey looking for more learning opportunities,
you can start off by looking at some of the strategies that I have written under my Knowledge

Thank you for your kind emails and comments.

SmartPassiveCashFlow Wishes All To Follow a Strategy and Stick To It

Special Note :
In the previous week, I have gone into
Jan 14, 45 Calls on CCE at $0.60

Nov 13, 34 Calls on YOKU at $0.90  

Jan 15, 27 Calls on KKR at $0.94
Nov 13, 66 Calls EWY at $0.85
Please note that these are not recommendations. The above are some of my current trades.