What makes a Good Trader? 

Many people wanted to be able to trade well. But what goes into the mind of a Good Trader.
One important trait – To be able to see many possibilities and alternatives before deciding

Think fast with many possibilities.

Imagine that you have an umbrella.
What can it be used for?  How many possibilities can you think of?

The common ones would be :

  • To shield rain
  • To shield sun
  • As a defensive weapon

More would be:

  • To act as javelin (and throw as a game)
  • To use for entertainment in circus
  • For collecting Water
  • For transportation of small items
  • Digging of sand
  • As a decorative item at home
  • For parachute (… too much cartoon show)
  • And more….

There is a need to be able to look at various possibilities  in a chart and then determine if it is suitable for entry and exit. It is of no 100% guarantee of winning. However it creates a high probability of winning!!
Action needed by you.
Think of an item over and over again for the next 10 days.
Think of new possibilities daily.
This will slowly train your mind to look at many more possibilities and opportunities in life.

Try it (daily for another 60 days). You will be surprised at what may come by.


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