During my younger days and my tertiary school days, I have always wanted to get a job with a good salary. To be precise, I wanted to have a high salary so that I can buy more things and to be proud of it in front of my parents.

I was wrong. Terribly Wrong. Please do not be mistaken. I am not saying high salary is no good. In fact, having a high salary is fantastic but the portion on relying on that high salary is not really that good. Okay. To be frank, the reliance portion is the disastrous part.

As time passes, I have learnt from people from all walks of life,  both elderly and the young. Different people have different aspirations and different school of thoughts. Most people are doing things that they do not like in order to get the monthly salary. As they progresses in their career, they are getting more reliance on their monthly salary.



I have grown to treasure something more precious, that is, TIME. I have also grown to understand the need for more cashflow channels to support my TIME. Yes. It is true that good accountants and good business people can make 1+1 = “more than 2”.
As a simple layman, 1×7 is equal to 7×1. But it is not definitely equal when it comes to cashflow.

Having a job of $7,000 is not the same of having 7 cashflow channels of $1,000 each.
Having a job of $14,000 is not the same of having 7 cashflow channels of $2,000 each



The theory of financial stress level is simple (lets talk in terms of cash flow)


High Commitments and Reliance on 1 cash flow is High Stress.
Low Commitments and Reliance on 1 cash flow is Low Stress when young but High Stress at older age

High Commitments and Reliance on more than 1 cash flow is much lower stress.
Low Commitments and Reliance on more than 6 cash flow is basically stress free.


I have friends who good foresight and great working experience. However, they have also gotten into the wealth strategy which many middle class people have executed which is “Get a good salary ,buy a property for staying, Get a Car and buy another property for investment”. For the next 25 years, there will be instalments on the investment property that needs to be paid. Having a property for investment is also a fantastic way for Wealth if you do it right. Though I may seem silly to be pointing this out, well it may well be another time to ponder.




SmartPassiveCashFlow Wishes You A Time To Empty Your Current Thoughts
and Relook At Your Retirement Strategy From A Different Perspective.



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