How Many Squares Are There in The Picture Below?

What is Your Answer?

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Let me repeat the question again.

“What is your answer?”


Find out the answer in the next page.

Most people spent 2 min to 30 min to form an answer.

My answer is “More than 20” and it took me less than 3 sec. What is yours?

Our mind always look for an absolute (“perfect”) answer to the question that we have in life. With a change of thoughts and mentality, we can always find an answer that satisfy the question without spending so much time and effort. This is not getting a shortcut. This is looking at things from another perspective. This is solving your question from another perspective!!

Do remember that too much analysis may cause paralysis.

In life, many things can be achieved more easily
if you STOP finding the perfect answer.


For those who wanted to know the number of squares : 
The total number is 40.

Are You still looking for the holy grail (or the perfect answer).

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