The year 2012 is coming to an end and a new 2013 will start in 1 week’s time.
There are some new things that I have done this year and I am very happy to be able to accomplish them.

1. Buying of Overseas PropertySmartPassiveCashFlow-OverseasPropertyThough I have purchased local property, this year marks my first purchase of an overseas property. I have overcome the fear and risks that have crossed most investors’ mind when it comes to investing in overseas properties. I have bought an overseas property. You can read the property here.

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2. Stacking of Physical Metals (Adding to my portfolio)


As I have always wanted to and friends around me seldom talk about this item, this is the first time I have done a purchase of physical precious metals. I have done lots of metals ETF and futures, this is the year when I have purchased my first stack of precious metals. I have started the journey of stacking precious metals as a hobby, an expensive hobby as others may have said.

You can read My New Portfolio (with Physical Precious Metal – Silver)


3. Taking the first plane flight with my wife and daughter


This year also marks the first time I took the plane with both my wife and daughter. As my daughter is now 3+, this is the first time she took a plane flight and she enjoyed it. As being a conservative and health conscious father, I do not allow my daughter to fly when she is younger. Probably because I was worried that the air pressure of the flight may damage the health of a young child.


3 Good New Things For The Year 2012 are excellent for me.
SmartPassiveCashFlow wishes you all best in your reflections for 2012.