At the usual coffeeshop, I have seen people consuming all sorts of drinks, ranging from cold soda water to hot honey drinks. There is this usual trend that I have noticed.  When people realized that their drinks are too sweet, they would usually add more ice and more water. They hoped that by diluting their drinks, they will be consuming less sugar content.

When you feel that the drink is no longer sweet after you have added water. Does it really reduce the amount of sugar in the water? No. It does not. When you finish the entire drink, no matter how much water you have added to dilute it, you are still consuming the same amount of sugar.


In our working life, some people may be doing well in their career and some may be at their low of their career journey. For those who are troubled by their financial status, what should they do? Guess what, some of them may try to look good and wealthy by buying a nice car. Think about it, will this action help to lessen their financial burden at all?

Is it the really the case of not knowing the truth or they are just deceiving themselves by adding “water” to their sweet drinks and assume that everything is all right?

Are you also guilty of such actions?
I sincerely hope that you are not.

Face The Truth. Win The Reality. And Be Happy.