Pop Corn Business : Profit from Current Opportunity

January 25, 2012 · 7 comments

For Pop Corn Business Owners, an Opportunity has presented itself again in Jan/Feb.

It is a good time for Put Contracts as the Planting Season would mean that a stationary Corn Inventory for these few months. Contract Month : May. Contract Price : 530 Level


 Grab the Opportunity
Structure Your Contracts well
Determine the type of Contracts
Keep To the 50% Rule
At least 15% away from current Price
Use a 3-month contract


The details are found in the Free eBook  “Cash Flow Machine #1: Doing the PopCorn Business.”
Do get a copy now if you have not.

eBook  “Cash Flow Machine #1: Doing the PopCorn Business.”
– Concept of the PopCorn Business
– Exact Workings of a PopCorn Business
– Structuring Your Contracts
– Execution Screens of Creating and Submission of your Contracts
– Cash Flow of the First 9 Years of Your PopCorn Business
– What makes a Successful PopCorn Business
– Common Mistakes Made
– and more

Pop $$$ From the Corn again
in this season!!


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1 Eng March 20, 2012

Hi, nice articles you have here :)
I tried to download the ebook but could not receive the email in my inbox or bulk folder.
Any help? Thanks!


2 Dave March 20, 2012

Hi Eng, Thank you for your interest in the ebook. Do take another look at your folders. If you still are not able to find it, drop me a note and I will send it directly to you. Cheers!!


3 Eng March 21, 2012

Hi Dave,
Still not appearing in my folders. Got to trouble to send it via email.
By the way, just read more of your postings here. It does reflect very well what most people in our age group is going through!


4 Dave March 22, 2012

Thank you for your comments. I have just sent you the ebook!!


5 lucca March 26, 2012

Thanks in advance!


6 Chang March 31, 2012

Hi Dave, a very informative ebook and website that you’ve got!

I would like to ask since it is an obligation to buy the Corns @ $5 then what if the price really drops below $5?

Are we allowed to cancel the contract when the price is dropping to $5?
What really happens if we have to buy them?
Do we really get the corns??

Sorry for asking so much! Just very curious and needed some answers before venturing in this direction!



7 Dave March 31, 2012

Hi Chang, thank you for your kind comments. Hope the ebook is of great use to you. You can buy back the contract at any time. Instead of getting the corns, you can just buy back the corns contract. By buying back the options contract, you will not get any corns. Hope this helps. Cheers!!


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