Passive Cash Flow Results For Quarter 1 Of 2012

April 1, 2012 · 5 comments



All values in USD

I have collected a total Contract Fees of $4,723 for this quarter (Jan-Mar 2012).  Not an enormous number but it is a good start for the 1st quarter of 2012.

Corn is seen to be the most active passive cash flow component for this quarter. Followed by Bonds and Silver. These 3 components(Corn, Bonds and Silver) would have made up  50% of the total cash flow for the quarter.

I will continue to expand the cash flow machines to generate more cash flow.

For your reference:
You can download the eBook “PopCorn Business” for a detailed information of the Corn Business.

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1 LCF Personal Finance April 2, 2012

Question, Dave. What are the odds or probability (so far, from your experience) that your contracts become in-the-money? It’s just like a stroll in the park for you :) it seems. How volatile are commodities prices compared to stocks (call/put options?)


2 Dave April 2, 2012

Hi LCF, thank you for your query. I sell the contract price very far away from the current price. Thus there is a very low possibility of getting it in the money. I have an exit plan in place as well. So far, the plan has not been utilised.

See the difference between Commodities and Stocks.
Lets say for Nasdaq ETF (QQQ), at current value of ard 68, I can do a “Sell Call Contract” at around 71. This is only 3 points away or just 4.5%.

For the same contract fees;
In Corn, I can easily do a “Sell Put Contract at 530” which is 100 points away from a current 630. This is 16% away.
In Silver, I can also do a “Sell Put Contract at 20” for Silver which is at current price of 32. This is more than 30% away.

The price of Corn moves mainly due to seasonal fluctuations and supply/demand. I have also indicated the seasonal information in my eBook “PopCorn Business”. Check out the best period to initiate a “Sell Put” or “Sell Call” Contract.

Though I dwell more on commodities, there are some specific stocks sold at shorter time frame that will also be able to cater for consistent profits too. :-)


3 wealthjourney April 10, 2012

Great sharing. Your concept of selling puts definitely warrants more study. I am a noob at these options.


4 Koh April 16, 2012

Hi Dave

will you be able to share the 2011 results
i just wanted to how the system has worked for you last year when markets appeared to be more volatile


5 Dave April 17, 2012

Hi Kevin, Thank you for your comments. I have posted an article showing the results during turbulent times in 2011.


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