Time really flies. It is the end of Quarter 2. I am computing the passive cash flow I have generated for Quarter 2.

It has been an eventful Qtr 2 as there are many events such as the Euro Crisis, “Sell in May Effect” and the non-stop announcements from the financial analysts. These have created huge fluctuations in many markets and many people have been effected. Some profited, some has made losses. People have started to be cautious of the market and also have established both fear and greed during this period of time.

For those who have been following my articles and have profited during these period,
 Congratulations to You!!

It has been an amazing Qtr 1 and Qtr 2.
A Passive Cash Flow of $10,630 for these 2 quarters





 A 25% increase in cash flow in Qtr 2 as compared to Qtr 1.
Qtr 3 and Qtr 4 will continue to produce great cash flow.

 Lets take a closer look at Qtr 2.


Agriculture (Corn, Soybean) and Softs(Sugar) have produced the best cash flow during Qtr2.

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