My Wealth Check List
(For 2015 & Beyond)

*CPF – Central Provident Fund – In short, it is the amount to be used for Retirement (Compounds at the basic rate of 4% for SA).

SmartPassiveCashFlow Wishes All A Great 2015!!


Do read on to see what are my targets for 2015 in terms of Gold, Silver and my Warchest.


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There have been many thoughts and sayings about buying Physical Gold and Silver.

Let’s talk about Physical Silver for this article.
There are many reasons for buying and not buying Physical Silver. Actually they are indeed convincing.

See what is my Reason for buying Physical Silver!!

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As extracted from

This position is spotted on 12 Dec 2014 and entered on 15 Dec (Monday)
This is my reason to enter this trade.

“Breaks out of the channel”

Currently this position hits the 1st Target of $20.00 and moving to the next target.

Information is for your education purposes only.

As extracted from

Before any trade, I will state down the following items
- Rationale
- Entry Price
- Target
- Stop Loss

I look for potential trades every day after market close
and execute the trade when the market opens.

If the Rationale is good, I enter the trade.
If the Rationale is strong, I go heavier.
If the Rationale is weak, I do not enter.


A 50% gain for this trade!!
(One of my trades this week)



The Rationale and the Entry, Target and Stop loss
are indicated for all my positions. 


 SmartPassiveCashFlow Wishes All To Have Consistent Thoughts And Actions.

For Coins, I buy mainly Canadian Maple Leaf 1 oz and American Eagle 1 oz.



For Bars, I buy Johnson Matthey Silver Bar 100 oz.
Recent months, I have also added another type of bar - Royal Canadian Mint Bar 10 oz.

The above are for investment purposes.
I also buy other types of silver as a hobby!!

SmartPassiveCashFlow Wishes All A Metallic Christmas!!


Gold Referendum in Switzerland rejected.

Does it mean that I am able to buy precious metals at lower prices? Probably Yes :-)
Note: I am a collector of physical Gold and Silver. (not a recommendation to buy or sell)



A Wealth Man once said this to a group of people who are facing lots of obstacles in life and getting tired as the day passes by:

I was once poor. I live in a rented place, struggles month to month to pay utilities. At times, I have barely enough to eat. Many people looked down on me. They do not see any hope in me.

Rather than blaming on my situation, I would like to thank them for looking down on me
It makes my life more exciting and it is the greatest test to my willpower. I did not give up in my struggles.

The bad days were here. The bad days have also passed.

What I have gained is the willpower to go through bad days

Wealth is just a reflection on the depth of my willpower. ”

We will always have our ups and downs in life.
If you are able to go through the downs, you will live to see the ups.

Rain will always come. Rainbow will also come.
It is you who will make the difference in your life.

Smart Passive Cash Flow wishes All A Wonderful December!!


What you have done wrong, do it right the next time.
When you have done it right, improve on it the next time.


It is good to be both wrong and right.
With a positive mindset, it will eventually lead us to our final destination.

Life is meant to be simple. Do not make it complicated.


It is important to dream of what you want. It is important to desire what you want in life. Many people have done the same thing as what you have been doing.  If you need to travel to Australia, go and book a ticket to reach there. If you need $100,000, go and earn it. It can be getting a job or starting a business. If you want respect from others, you have to earn it.  If you want…. There are far too many “wants” in life.

This article is not about how fast you can achieve your target in life. It is about waking up now and working towards what you want. And most important of all, get your ultimate supporter to support your actions!!  There is no use of wanting to go Australia and keep ranting at the item over and over again. The  air ticket will not come to you.

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