Adding More Silver
to My Current Collection!!

Truthfully Speaking,
Silver Collection is Rather Addictive!! :-)





During my investment and trading journey, I have spent hundreds or even thousands of hours in attending previews, seminars, webinars, read lots of books and have spoken to many trading experts as well as people who have no trading knowledge.

People learn many different strategies using various indicators and approaches from many different trainers, from internet or even books.

Most people would say that some worked better than others and some say that they do not work at all.

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Maybe you can call this a streak of luck!!
As long as it delivers results, I do not mind the whichever streak that it could be.
It be a streak of Consistency!!  Cheers!!

As extracted from

As extracted from

I analyse my trades and publish them every morning
(Publish time : SG Time 7am) 
and place my entries in the night.

I am scanning through thousands of charts every week.

Are you also doing the same thing as me?
What strategies are you using to make money from the market?
Do you spend time daily to do some analysis?

Practise makes perfect.
Are you practising daily?

SmartPassiveCashFlow Wishes All Great Wealth
during this period.


If you have missed out on the 2003 bull market,
do not fear, there is the 2008 Bear Market

If you have missed out on the 2009 bull market,
do not fear, there is the 2014/15 Bear Market.

Am I sure that 2014/2015 is a Bear Market?
If it is, what should I be playing to reap the most benefit?


As I have said before, it is never a matter on whether I am wrong.
Life goes on as usual.

 What matters most is what a life changer it will be if I am Right!!
Life will never be the same!!


Another of my favourite plays.
This will be included in my site

Make money when the energy is at its highest.
Do not waste time waiting and waiting for non moving stocks!!

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See how I play such high energised Stocks!!

See you on board!!



Apologies for the downtime of the site for the last 2 days.

The site was experiencing
very heavy traffic for the last 1 week.

For those who has not seen the invitation to join
Will be extending the wealth transfer invites till Monday (15 Sep).

Thank you for your patience.

During The Wealth Transfer Period,
Trades will be focused on “milking” the stock market
with techniques and strategies specially selected for this period.

Only the most potential stocks will be played.

Trends will be monitored especially for the sudden change in direction.

See How I Make Money
with my Strategies 
used on the most potential Stocks 
while Monitoring The Change In Trend
During This Critical Period.

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Watch Closely How I Milk The Market!!


Some of the Entries and Exits in the Last Week of Aug.
(as extracted from )
Do note that for subscribers (VIP  Traders), they will be able to see
the published entries daily with explanations before the market opens.

There are some which are having good profits as of current week. Cheers!! 


What makes a Good Trader? 

Many people wanted to be able to trade well. But what goes into the mind of a Good Trader.
One important trait – To be able to see many possibilities and alternatives before deciding

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