The gold miners have continued to make their move despite the turbulence seen in the equities markets. The break is strong and thus the potential of huge growth in the Gold miners is here, especially the individual stocks within them. With the great opportunity being here and right before our eyes. Choose the best stocks within the miners sectors and grow the wealth with their movements. Cheers!!


“The matter is never about being wrong.
The most troubling part of life is always the portion of being right and you are not part of it.
Great Wealth is created when the opportunity is right and you are a part of it.

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Most people are informing that STI is going for higher grounds and many have boarded the BULL ships. I go into the STI chart and take a look. There are weekly lower highs formed in the chart. The chart does not seem to be as bullish as most have mentioned. What makes this chart bullish? Instead, will this chart go down to another lower low (below 2500 level) in the coming weeks. Do also note that the S&P 500 has gone to almost its high during the recovery and STI is no where seen near to the 3000 level.

Is STI Really Bullish?
it is a Trap for the Retailers again?    


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The Gold has been in a down trend for many years (since 2013). The movement started in 2013 where the price is $1400 and moving to a low of near $1000  at end of 2015. The sudden big move in Dec 2015 and Jan 2016 managed to pull gold out of its down trend and have been in the range of $1200-$1300 in Feb-Mar 2016. Will the breakout in Jan 2016 signal more upwards movement? or is this another fake breakout that will shift gold back to the sub $1000?

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Ever since the break of the trendline in 2015, STI has the potential to drop to 1800 and below. Do note that the rallies during a BEAR market are fast and furious. Many traders have loaded onto the buy side whereas I am seeing an opportunity at the 1800 level (and below).


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During my 1st play in the oil during the FEB period this year, I have managed to get scanned more than 1400 oil stocks and gathered the top 10 oil stocks. In fact these top oil stocks have managed to provide me with free oil stocks by early March 2016.

Opportunity Is To Come Again
The opportunity to have a good entry for the oil stocks may come real soon again. The 1400 oil stocks would have changed during the last 2 months.

What I will do this time:
1. To re-scan the list of 1400 oil stocks
2. Gather the new list of potential oil stocks
3. Publish the new list of top 10 potential oil stocks to be played again
Stay Tuned.

Back in FEB 2016

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The all time darling of oil related company “Keppel Corp” is running low in its might to rally upwards. Many traders (perhaps Retail traders) have bought into the stock in the last 1 month. Will the purchase become a trap for the retailers or the stock is really climbing much higher for every one to make money? At its 1st look, it sure seems like a trap to the traders.

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We are moving into the April period now with the market being positive for the last 2 months (Feb and Mar). In the last 5 years, STI has ended with a positive bar 4 times in the last 5 years. So this resulted in 80% of the time in April being Bullish. With this reference in mind, are traders going to be bullish for the month of April or is this a good time for traders to take out the profits and stay cash in the side line till Oct 2016?


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We had good rallies on the crude oil from $31 to a high of $42 in the recent weeks. And Crude have cut back on its rallies after hitting its recent high of $42. If you look hard enough at the related companies of Crude oil, for example Keppel Corp. This company did not manage to hit its recent high when crude did. To the BEARs, this will seem like a weakness in the company.

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We have transitions of BULLs and BEARs throughout the entire market cycle. The previous rounds of the BEARs had their fun of drops from 50-65%. This time, the BEAR cycle hits at a drop of only 25%. Maybe this time is “different”. This is a scary phrase to be used. For a Good Bull market to happen, a Good BEAR market needz to happen first. Whose law is this? Is this the law of the market cycle?


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We have rallies for almost 5 weeks and the STI has reached the 2900 level. Will this be the seal of the death kiss of the double top formation that will kill this rally and continue the downwards move for STI? Are traders expecting the STI to start a new bull run and hit above 3500 level? or are we due to rotate into the BEAR movement again?


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