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Current Status of the QE.
What is next in line? And What do we trade?



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Would you attempt to short this? or buy this?




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I have recently purchased some Silver.
Mainly made up of John Matthey Bars and Royal Canadian Mint Bars.

Will add more in the next round
(Probably in November).

Note: I am a collector of Silver. :-)


Fans are used to cool off the warm climate that we have. However, long hours of blowing from fans may cause one to get cold, especially in the night.

So imagine that you have gotten cold during the night due to the constant blowing of the fan. You will just use a blanket to cover yourself and also to block the wind.

Now, here comes the main topic for the article, “The Blanket”. What blanket will help you to defend the wind from the Fan?

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The opportunities are everywhere. But the bulk of it is within this 1 year.
And I am monitoring the market very closely for the opportunities.

The downwards move in the market this week is expected. Why is that?
The index looks bullish as at end of previous week.
But however, there are other markets that do not agree.
And thus the market ended up RED last week.

Basing your opinion in just the equity market is not sufficient.
We also need to look at the Currency, Treasuries, Volatility,
and other areas to understand what the market is telling us.


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and how the market will be moving in the weeks and months ahead.


Grains had a terrible year since 2008.

When I mention Grains, I am referring to Corn, SoyBean and Wheat.

Is it Time to Buy into Grains Now?

There are many markets to play now.

More will be opening soon. Stay tuned.





Throughout our life, we have been searching for happiness. And many has assumed that being rich is happiness. Thus people worked hard to climb the corporate ladder and to earn more money. The lure for the search of happiness is strong for many and money is what they have assumed to be the happiness.


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