Whenever we ask a question, we would get many comments from various people.

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Everyone wants Success and Everyone wants Financial Freedom. But is everyone willing to move up the steps? Each step may represent a mistake or a failure in life.

Are we able to make mistakes and
be able to overcome them and keep moving forward?

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Today Marks The 1st Month of My Trading Site.

I am very happy
that many of you have made good money.

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Goals and Dreams
Everyone has his goals and dreams in life.
The goal of being wealthy and having a happy family may be a common objective for many. Most often than not, many people have also encountered many difficulties, disappointments and setbacks during their pursuit of their goals.

I have also got my own goals and dreams. Similarly, in my journey to my goals and dreams,  I have also faced my own set of disappointments and setbacks in life. Each of them, to me is a huge blow to me.

In every failure or setback that I have faced, it was painful but I did not give up. Every time, I came up stronger than before.

The reason I keep coming back stronger and never give up to the harsh realities of the society is this light from my candle.  It is this light that guide me through the darkness and unforgiving cruelty of the society.

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A Re-collection of the Popular Articles in 2012.

Have You Improved Since 2012? If Not, why not?
Is it not enough Time? Have you ever asked yourself on when will you ever have time?

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