We do have our fun and tough times during our life journey. A cycle of ups and downs in life is inevitable. How smoothly and how fast we overcome obstacles are dictated by our beliefs. Our beliefs also determine how much we are affected by external variables such as comparison of items (achievements, physical outlook, salary, knowledge, wealth, etc). When we have strong beliefs, we are less affected by external factors and we can be more focused in overcoming obstacles that we faced. In turn, we tend to move faster and progressed nearer to our goals.

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STI managed to break the 2775 level on Wednesday and stayed below the 2775 level for the week. The monthly chart is showing very bad signs for the STI. A re-test for the 2600 level will come again. If the 2600 breaks again, the boat of 1800 will arrive very quickly after crossing the 2600 level. 1800 will be the level that will get me excited and my itchy hands will start buying many many stocks.


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Ever since the 2 time failures at 2900 level, STI has been selling off daily. STI is currently hovering at 2800 level. Do note that for STI to stay above 2800 and have another chance at 2900, it must not close below 2775 level. The level of 2775 is very crucial for STI to stay afloat. If not, the time for STI to fetch me at 1800 may be nearing.


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The internet has tons of advice available with just a mouse click at the comfort of your home. The Good News is “There are plenty of information in the internet for you to read and learn”.  The Bad News is also “the abundance of such information” which results in “Where do I start or where should I focus on first”?

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In looking for a stock to trade, how would trader start the search into the “right” stock to trade into. Is it by chance or by just scanning through the current list of stocks that are in your watchlist? Have a look at how I identify the stock to trade into. In the video above, I have identified AAPL to be the stock to trade into. AAPL is the darling stock of the of the tech sector.  The recent move in the stock has made me lots of $$$. See how I have played this stock.

Opportunities do not come by often. Make good use of them.
It is even more important to be part of the opportunity.

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STI had a drop to 2900 on Monday. The Bulls did their 1st attempt to regain 2900 level on Tuesday and failed. The 2nd attempt was done on Thursday and the it failed again. The 3 days (Tue, Wed and Thurs) resulted in a lower Low. This is bearish for STI. While the hope for the recovery to above 2900 and to the desired level of 3600 remains in the heart and mind of the traders who bought in the last 2 months, this may be the failure level that may bring STI much lower. The selling will be slow at first and will become very aggressive on certain days. The US market is showing some tiredness and ready to let go for a while.

Why would many refuse to sell now and buy at lower prices?
It is due to the FEAR of losing out when markets rally.

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2016-04-27-STI-PubllishedClick “Read More” To See the Bigger Image

We have STI crashing down from 3600 since Aug 2015 and index is currently at 2900 level despite S&P 500 hitting all time high. There is a buy up every time the sell down. Is this buying up a Trap for the retail traders? There is a strong belief that a bull run might occur and bring STI back to 3600 level. This is not impossible but with what is seen in the chart, will it be a Trap instead?

The process as seen in the chart:
1. Heavy Sell Down.
2. Buying Up (Trapping more Traders)
3. Heavy Sell Down.
4. Buying Up again (Will this be another Trap again?)

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2016-04-27-SPX-StartorEnd A bigger image is seen at the bottom of the page.

What are traders thinking when they are looking at the overall market? Especially looking at S&P 500.
Is the S&P 500 market going to start a new BULL Run to another new high of 2400? Currently S&P is at 2090 level and the all time high is at around 2150 level.

Are Traders looking for a new BULL Run or the end of the current Bull Run?


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The all time darling stock in the technology sector is this APPLE company. This stock will also be the one that will bring the market to a halt when the selling continues. The HEADs and SHOULDERs have been completed back in Jan 2016. Now the stock has done a dead cat bounce and ready for a potential sell down after the bounce. Watch out for more selling of this stock.

See the chart below.

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We have STI climbing above 2900 level and now breaking down 2900. This is really frustrating for the Bulls. Are the Bulls holding on to stocks that will rocket to the upside or are they holding a time-bomb that will explode to the downside any time from now. With no regards to the index, are traders jittery about holding to the stocks now?


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