We do have our fun and tough times during our life journey. A cycle of ups and downs in life is inevitable. How smoothly and how fast we overcome obstacles are dictated by our beliefs. Our beliefs also determine how much we are affected by external variables such as comparison of items (achievements, physical outlook, salary, knowledge, wealth, etc). When we have strong beliefs, we are less affected by external factors and we can be more focused in overcoming obstacles that we faced. In turn, we tend to move faster and progressed nearer to our goals.

Small seeds in an apple can create a Huge Plantation

Do ensure that you have your right journey otherwise all your efforts and time spent in overcoming the obstacles will go down the drain. You may ignore it for now, for the next few weeks, for the next few months or even for the next few years. The time will come and you will realise that all the efforts and time are not supposed to be for this journey. Will it be a time to resign to fate or will it be a time for regrets?

Your current beliefs will obstruct you from changing direction to a positive one. All the negative thoughts will slowly flush though your mind and chances are that you will start to place aside the thought of changing direction. And you will gradually fall back to the same old journey (wrong journey) again. It will just end up with “I do not have choice” or “It is too late to change”.

You are the miracle and you can activate this miracle to change to a right direction. No problem if the direction is currently wrong. It serves no purpose to continue walking the wrong way. Change now. It is never too late.


Your Strong Beliefs Inside You Can Also Create Great Journeys!!

What constitutes a Right Journey?
In my humble version, I shall put it plainly as

if you are happy now and you see the great potential of happiness in the next 5, 10, 20 years, high chance that you are in the right journey.”

if you are not happy now and you see do not see much potential of happiness in the next 5, 10, 20 years, high chance that you are in the wrong journey.”

This “happiness” has to be true and has to come from the heart.
Material compensation should not form part of this “happiness”.

Are You In The Right Journey Now?
If You Are Not, Why?
What is Stopping You From Moving To The Right Journey?