Many people strive very hard in life to work, to carve a wealthy life for themselves in the hope of getting Financial and Time freedom for them and their family. Along the way, many strategies have been formulated to reach this end goal of achieving financial and time freedom. Some may sought to climb high during their employment time, some may have more entrepreneur cells in their body to start a business to accumulate more wealth.  They are moving towards their goal of Financial and Time Freedom. Even industries have been created to assist them in their journey to the financial and time freedom. With all the widely used marketing and widely spread information, people are aware of the need for Financial and Time Freedom and these have become their life objective.

Having The Objective
Financial Freedom and Time Freedom
Creates “Unseen” Problems


The Seen
When people start to get wealthier and are moving closer towards their life objective (of Financial Freedom), the number in their bank account starts to grow bigger and seems “mightier”. With that, they start to accumulate “assets” (eg. properties, etc) and indulge into luxuries. Having $$$ in the bank and physical properties are things that we can physically see which I term them as “The Seen“.

“If having lots of physical ‘paper’ makes you happy,
The abundance of air can also do the same”


The Unseen
In the journey towards the objective of Financial Freedom, there are also some “by-products” that have been created and not seen in a physical form. They are the Greed, Discontentment, Higher Expectation and Wanting more. I term them as “The Unseen“. As one moves in the journey, the expectation grows, there is a need to want more and more, greed grows. Wanting to have more slowly becomes a norm. For an employee, having the current high salary has become the norm. Having yearly increment has become a norm. Having a bonus is a norm. Having lesser is no longer accepted. Having a lower employee salary is not accepted. Having a lower bonus is also not accepted. When lower amt do not fit into expectation, discontentment results. Imbalance in life will create unhappiness.

Fear will also be created. The fear of losing what one has (The Seen). The fear of not enough. Fear is a deadly subconscious disease that haunts people 24 hours without rest.

“Many People unknowingly bow down to the power of $$$.

When unhappiness comes into our lives, any activity that we do will become bland, uninteresting, restless and full of negative energy. Even the nice chirping of the birds in the morning will create anger in you. Or you may be so occupied in your mind that you may not even hear the chirping sound at all. That’s living in the mind and missing out the present.

“It does not matter how many days are wasted. That’s the past
It matters now how many happy days have been created”


Having the Objective
Helping The Needy
Creates Unseen Spiritual Freedom


3. Objective-Needy
The Seen
When people have the objective as “Helping The Needy“, helping people who is in need, the life journey becomes brightened. Moving along the journey to help the needy, to create more for the needy, the “by-product” of this move creates both financial and time freedom for you. This may seem ridiculous and sounds crazy at the 1st read. Do read on.

If the people manage to help 200 families who needs $500/month for each family, that will be $100,000 per month. Being able to create at least $100,000/mth to help the 200 families, it would mean that the business/career is progressing well and of course Financial and Time Freedom would have been achieved during the move to the objective. Financial and Time Freedom are just by-products of the objective and will come naturally without pursuing them.

“The Unseen is more important than The Seen.
Most focus on building The Seen
And neglected The Unseen

3. Objective-Needy-SpiritualFreedom
The Unseen
As we carry on our journey with the objective of helping the needy, Happiness, Compassion and Love (The Unseen) come along as well. When we become truly happy, we receive Spiritual Freedom.  Every day we will get to practise joy. Any activities that we do in life will be filled with joy and happiness. Even as we trip, fall down and in pain, happiness can still flow through us. We recognize the fall as part of our journey, a chance to take a rest and an opportunity to train ourselves. There will be no cursing, no swearing, no negative thoughts. “The Unseen” builds and strengthens us.

As happiness comes into our lives, things around us become beautiful. We also get to think clearer, good thoughts and ideas will continue to flow to our mind to constantly upgrade ourselves and we are able to grow the business to provide for more people who needs help.

This is a cycle. It will get stronger. It also builds a stronger and happier you. Happiness flows to the needy, to you, and to more people in the world.

“The Seen may disappear

The Unseen can be perpetual”


There are many different paths and choices in life. The good thing is that most people are able to choose what path they want to move on. They are able to breathe, to walk, to gain knowledge, to gain experience, to earn a living and to create possibilities in their lives. However, there are some who are not able to do so due to the “incompleteness” or situations that they are born into.

Creating life in others will create happiness in you.
Creating solely for yourself will create discontentment in your life.”


SmartPassiveCashFlow Wishes All To Have A Conscious Objective