Today is the last day of February 2012. How time flies. I have done a quick analysis of my current passive cash flow portfolio and also placed down my progress for my goals. This will assist me to be on track of what I wanted to achieve.

In a nutshell, I have created the simplified Cash Flow Portfolio. I will continue to add more details in the diagram as I move along in my passive cash flow journey.

Read about the property that I have purchased

How I Generate a Passive Cash Flow of $10,630 in Qtr1 and Qtr2

I Have Added Physical Silver To My Portfolio!!

Why a Passive Cash Flow of $250 per month matters a lot
A lot of people are earning at least a 4-digit (eg. $1,500, $2,500, $4,000, $7,000) salary per month in their working income. What is a cash flow of $250 to them? Most people will not even place attention to a $250 monthly cash flow. The initial years of cash flow may be slow and insignificant to most people.  $250 is small compared to your current working income. However this $250 is cash flow and not working income. If the people cannot even step out to start a cash flow of $250, how can they create one which gives $10,000 per month.

A Passive Cash Flow of $10,000 will keep you Very Alive
Cash flow starts small initially with $250 per month in the first year and it will grow bigger and bigger with $5000 per month after 6 years and $10,000 per month after 9 years. Download the ebook “PopCorn Business” for the full information.

Is $10,000 cash flow still too low for most people? Probably not. Do you know that you can never get retrenched with this $10,000 cash flow as you do not hold a job at all. It is your money working hard.

The significant cash flow will shine after the 6th and 9th year. Yes. Building cash flow takes time. So be patient and start building your cash flow now. The later you start, the later you establish your cash flow. Period.

I am creating this passive cash flow for my family
and also to help people who requires assistance.

Build your cash flow machine during your good years.

You and Your Family will appreciate and be grateful to you
when they need this cash flow during their bad years.