I have 3 milestones for my Passive Cash Flow – namely $10,000, $50,000 and $100,000.

Let me tell you that generating my first $250 is the toughest unless you are willing to move that first step into the passive cash flow journey. However, after overcoming $250, I am able to move on to $500, to $1,000, to $2000 and beyond. It is a slow and steady process.

A milestone needs to have a value and a date.


The Most Difficult Problem I Have Faced
The most difficult part of the whole process is the question that lingers in my head – “Is it possible at all?”.  If I have this doubt in my head, no matter how hard I try, how much time I spent, I will not be able to reach my goal. The first obstacle that I have to overcome is to believe that I can do it and I go ahead and execute it. I have devised a plan – a plan of strong beliefs and actual executions. I just follow the plan. The rest are just routines.

By having Strong Beliefs, you will be able to take the first step and start moving in this journey. This first step can range from moving into a passive cash flow journey, moving into a desired relationship, moving into any journey that you wanted.

By having Weak Beliefs, you will stay stationary and observe, analyse and observe again, analyse again and time will fly past you quickly. People may have the tendency to resign to fate, blame themselves for not being better than others, skeptical about things around them, think that other people are not realistic etc. Some may even think that they have already aged with little time left and few opportunities left. These will result in them grabbing whatever that is remaining and available. This often leads to undesirable results – bad management of wealth, bad relationships, bad timings, wrong directions.

The main problem is that even if people realises that they have walked in the wrong direction, they will still move on in this wrong direction because they believed that they have already moved halfway into it and they have no other choice.

Before You Channel Your Time And Energy In Overcoming The Obstacles In Your Journey,
Have You Ever Asked Yourself If This Is The Right Journey?

Some people expect a miracle to happen along the way.
That miracle is no one else but You.
Unless you change the direction, that miracle will never come.

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