How I Turn My Life Around in 2 Years With My Life Strategy

Everyone faces problems daily. The problems faced may be small or big. For small problems, people may just be able to push it aside and get on with lives without much impact to their lives. When it comes to bigger problems, many people may try their best to solve them as these problems will have impact to their lives.  Before they can solve their problems, due to tiredness, their energy may be overwhelmed by their negative thoughts. Slowly and unknowingly they will start to convince themselves that these problems cannot be solved. So they start to live with the problems.

One important point that I want to emphasis is – Living with the problems does not cure the problems. The problems still exist inside us.

Do you know why some people are not happy with their lives even though they may have achieved some of their goals in life? It is due to the problems that they are unable to solve and they let the problems live inside them. These problems become permanent residents in their lives. Worse of all, these problems may accumulate more problems.  How many residents can you have inside you before it gets too crowded and stuffy that you will explode one day?


Why People are not able to solve their problems

I have listed some points below:
• They are afraid to face the truth, themselves and the society
• They do not want to look bad in front of people
• They have chosen a path, walked halfway and wish to continue all the way (even if it is wrong)
• They are afraid of their lives getting worse if they change direction
• They feel stressed and have headaches by just thinking of the problems
• They are not able to find solutions to the problems
• They do not know that they have problems
• They just wanted a “simple” life and thus lived with the problems
• They do not want to create additional problems
• They believed that there are no solutions to their problems
• Other people also have the same problems as them so they think that the problems are normal
• They feel that they are getting old and time is getting lesser
And the list goes on…

When our families and friends encounter problems, we will try our best to help them to overcome the problems. However, when it comes to our own problems, we hesitate, we fear, we refuse to solve our problems. We live with our problems.

Probably you do not have such problems. Many people do. They solve problems for their colleagues, their bosses in the companies, but not able to face and solve their own problems.

Every time you do some tasks that are new and unfamiliar to you, you will feel some sort of uncertainty and fear. After completion of the tasks, you gain confidence and realise that the tasks are not so difficult after all and you have the ability to complete them.

Have you tried changing the direction of your lives and solve your own problems? The process may be  long, tough and painful. But once you managed to face one problem and solve it entirely, you will gain confidence to face another problem and solve it again.  You will slowly be able to solve bigger and bigger problems that have surfaced in your life.

Apply the Life Strategy
Gradually, you will be opened to new wisdom and be able to see the truth of all the problems in your life. And believed that every single problem has a solution.

Every time you encounter a problem, face the problem:
1) Slow down the tasks in this negative situation
2) Stop doing the negative tasks (and analyse)
3) Change direction to move positively
4) Increase the speed in this positive direction

Significant Problems faced by People
People have many problems that they faced. Relationships and Financial Stability are 2 significant problems that reside in our lives.

I am not a relationship consultant nor an expert in the financial field. What I am stating here is more on the process of problem solving.

Problems with your Financial Status?

2 immediate ways for you

A) Do Nothing. Bury the problems inside you and Live With the problems
Be Stressful and unhappy (or try to be happy) for the rest of your lives.


B) Apply Life Strategy
a. Slow down items that triggers your Poor Financial Status
i. Reduce Spending (“Has My Money Vanished into Thin Air” ; “Pretence Wealth vs Real Wealth“)
ii. Reduce Debt
iii. Reduce the use of Credit Cards

b. Stop doing these items (and analyse)
i. Stop unnecessary spending
ii. Stop accumulating more bad debts (Personal Loan, Auto Loans, etc)
iii. Stop using your Credit Cards

c. Change the direction of your financial status
i. Increase your financial literacy
ii. Start building up your saving and money management habits
(“Why Saving Money is so difficult to people like you and me?”)

d. Increase the momentum of improving your financial status
i. Build Cash Flow Channels (”WaterHeater, Me and WaterFlow”; “Everyone is a Boss”)
ii. Create Cash Flow Business (“Cash Flow Machine #1 : Doing The Pop Corn Business”)

Apply Life Strategy to all your problems in your life.
You will be Amazed at the Results!


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