For decades, generations before me (my parents, my grandparents..) have been working hard but still trapped in the rat race. They have worked hard in their 8-5 jobs, receive their salary, bring food to the table and pay their bills. Once all the money is used up, they will wait for the income in the next month. Months after months, years after years, income is made in such a manner.

Rat Race (Definition)
Using our time to work for money. We keep working hard for money and for survival. If without a job, financial security may be compromised and we may suffer from financial difficulties. 


This is part 1 of a 3-part Series
“My Commitment to Break Through The Rat Race Generation Flow”, “My Vision of the Future”,
“ How Am I Going to Achieve This Break Through”


Staying In The Default Generation Flow
If I leave things to move by itself and not gearing up for any action, I will end up earning my income in my job and join in the rat race as in my past generations. Very likely that my future generations(my children and grand children) will also follow the same footsteps and trapped in the same rat race. 

I am earning a reasonable income now with no problem of surviving through to my retirement age. However, this never ending cycle of working day in day out does not really make sense to me. Our ability to earn a survival in the current harsh society does not mean that our children will also possess the same ability to do the same. Of course we always hope that our children will do better than us and excel well. Think again. We want them to excel well for what reason? So that they can survive well in this society and earn more money?

It is no longer enough to be academically smart.  Being street smart and having good networks will be required in the society now and even more in the future. The competition will get stronger and stronger. Surviving should not be an issue but how about surviving well? Does it mean using more time to study and to work harder to join in this never ending cycle of competition? In the end, you will only exchange more time to get the money. 

I believe life can be greatly enhanced and our time can be placed into much better use. Being on the job for 8 hours a day to earn the monthly salary just does not tally with my current mindset. We have 24 hours a day; 8 hours of sleep and 16 hours of life. Guess what, we place 8 hours or more in a job. This is more than half of our life. Half of our life slogging for money? Does it make sense? Not to me. I need to put an end to this cycle.  

I believe in commitments and actions. I believe that things can change if you take the right actions and be persistent in it. Learning and enhancing along the way are keys to improvements.

If I do not even attempt to break through,
The Default Generation Flow will keep
 my current generation and future generations in the Rat Race.




Breaking Through the Default Generation Flow
Yes. Currently I am also in the rat race. Having a job and working for financial security and for survival. I am determined to change the course of the default flow in my current generation. That is, to get out of the rat race. No more using time to exchange for money. I would expect my future generation to use their time more meaningfully rather than chasing after money to make ends meet.


I am committed to
Break Through the Default Generation Flow And Change The Course Of Life

My future generations will have cash flow machines that will generate passive cash flow for them. It will no longer be compulsory for them to get a job, work for 8 hours a day, endure the working stress and office politics just to earn the monthly salary for survival and to make ends meet. Instead, they will have time to pursue their hobbies, help the unfortunate and to learn more of the world that they live in.  

In Part 2 “My Vision Of The Future”, I will state down the compelling reasons on why I need to break through this Default Generation Flow. Stay Tuned. For your information, it is possible to break through this default generation flow and it is best to do it early. In the meantime, start being aware of running continously in the never ending cycle of life (the rat race) and create a more meaningful life for you and your family. And also to extend a helping hand to people who require assistance. 

 No Matter How Slowly You May Move, Do Not Stop.
And You Will Reach Your Destination Eventually

Do share on your opinions and experiences on the life as an employee or being self-employed.



Part 2 : My Vision of the Future
is available now