People have always made appointments and booked their time with friends, families and also associates (people who are not close to them).

Have you booked some appointments with yourself?

“Of course I did!! I do have my own private time”,
“Everyday I have even allocated time to play my iphone games during my journey to work” as many have claimed.
So everyone has already allocated time for themselves. Everything is good and meaningful.

Let’s review the objective of this article.
We would like to make time for ourselves. Mainly in the areas of entertaining ourselves and also upgrading ourselves. Do you know that most people have allocated more than 90% of their time in entertaining themselves. So not much time left for upgrading ourselves.

Are we making the Appointments with ourselves? Yes
Are we making the Right Appointments with ourselves? Probably Not.

Making the Right Appointments
It is important to know what kind of appointments that we have made with ourselves. It is great to make appointments with ourselves, most importantly is that we should make the Right appointments as well. We should make full use of the time that we have during these appointments.

For this article, I would like to emphasis on Transition Time as this is the time where everyone will have on a daily basis. This transition time refers to the in-between time that you have when you travel to work, waiting for friends, waiting for dental appointments etc.

Though it is fun to play games during your journey to work, however, you will not be achieving anything, at least nothing that will lead you to achieving the goal in your life. This transition time that you have (eg. Journey to work) will be wasted on a daily basis.

80/20 Rule
So how much time should we allocate to do meaningful things during our transition time? I would say put it as 80/20. However don’t get me wrong. I did not say that playing games is not meaningful. Playing games can help to reduce stress and help us to  gain balance in our emotions after a hard day of work. What I am saying is that we should allocate these activities to 20% of the time and allocate the other 80% to empower ourselves with knowledge and strength for us to achieve our goal (eg. financial goal).

Let’s look at how 3 people (Terry, John and Jim)  managed to make use of their transition time to achieve their desirable targets.


Jim has the highest chance to achieving his desired goal. John will also reach his goal but at a later stage. Terry can only pray for “miracles” to happen. These so called “miracles” will only appear in front of people who worked hard in the right direction. 


Start making the Right Appointments with yourself now
2 simple ways that you can do straight away:
1) Bring along a book  to read
2) Download enrichment podcasts to listen  

You can Achieve your Goals
by Making the Right Appointments with Yourself