CASH FLOW, The key to financial freedom; however, the road to achieving this evades many of us all so often. So, how does one achieve the cash flow required to attain financial freedom for one’s retirement?

Cash flow can be achieved through different forms of investment vehicles, though not an easy road to tread, one will be able to do so with commitment, dedication and passion. However, I will be touching on the segment of obtaining cash flow through property investments.

“This is a guest post from Bryan Chiew, Director of The Investors Network & Credit Savvy. 
Bryan manages over 400 million worth of property portfolio,
and has extensive knowledge and experience in the property industry

At the age of 23, I knew that much wealth was to be found in the property market. I also knew that knowledge and wisdom are vital in investing in property, as such; I devoted myself to studying and learning about it for the next couple of years although I did not have the capital to start my portfolio.

I was prepared and aware when the opportunity presented itself when I was 26 and I went on to create a multi-million property portfolio within the next 2 years. An interesting point to note is that I did it with no money down in those purchases.

Investors can achieve cash flow with the right game plan and strategy in place when investing in property. What one has to do is to acquire properties that provide excellent rental returns. Investor should note that some properties are more suitable for capital appreciation rather than generating rental income.

However, what most people fail to do is to start. How many times have we heard reasons such as, “The market is crashing, let’s wait it out”, “The prices are too high, it’s going to come down”, “It is too risky” and “My friend says it’s too risky”.

The key is to TAKE ACTION and start somewhere. Fear and risk are present because of the unknown, eliminate the fear and risk that you have by taking action and finding out the facts and figures which will reduce or remove the element of the unknown. Pick up a book, ask fellow investors or attend property seminars; take action and start somewhere.

Creating a property portfolio that generates positive cash flow is not as difficult as people think. I have analyzed and created investment plans for various investors and the most common scenario is one of the middle class earners. Each individual’s scenario is different no doubt, however, it IS achievable.

The key is to start as early as you can where you will be able to take full advantage of the financing options available to you to maximize your cash flow returns. Coupled with some creative financing strategies, you could also create some leveraging factors as well which will be advantageous to you.

Have you ever wondered why some investors are able to get so much financing and support from the banks? Some might think that they have a huge income from their jobs or business; but that is not the real reason. The truth behind is that they understand how creative financing can work for them when others had ran out of options or funds. One of the ways is cashing out on your existing assets.

Therefore, understanding how the financing system works is very important as well. Up to date, most of the cooling measures had been put in place to regulate the percentage of loan one is able to get. However, why had prices still shot up despite the previous measures to the level it is today?

The answer is that for the savvy investors out there, they have the knowledge to find ways around the measures in a legally fashion. If you know how financing can work for you, you will be able to create a huge leveraging factor in your path to attaining your desired cash flow.

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Dave’s Note :
I agree with Bryan’s thoughts in the article.
We should start early to maximise our cash flow returns.
Have You Taken Action?

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 Bryan Chiew, Director of The Investors Network & Credit Savvy
• Former corporate banker
• Trainer and Mentor to investors
• Bought my first investment property at age 26
• Created a multi-million property portfolio at age 27
• Manages over 400 millions worth of property portfolio for various investors
• Manages properties featured in The Straits Times,Lianhe Wanbao and Propertyguru’s list of “Top 10 most expensive properties in Singapore”