This is how SmartPassiveCashFlow creates success by selling far away from the current price.

I sold soybean 300-400 points away from the price back then. Sold at 1700 and 1800 when the price is at 1450 level. The ability to provide good buffer for the price move has enabled me to withstand the fluctuations of the price and to emerge a winner. This has also enable me to sleep well at night too.

I am advocating the potential to win when the market makes their moves up and down. The market can move against me and I still win in the end.


 What is your way of playing the market?
Are you looking closely at the indicators and determining the direction of the trade?
Are you finding the best way to determine the direction of the market?
Are you able to stomach the loss if the markets turns 10% against you? 

Most importantly, Are You Winning and also Sleeping Well?
Please share your experiences with us.

For reference, You can download the PopCorn Business eBook That I have prepared for you.