I have been asked questions on many aspects of the BIG MONEY. One such question is on currency – “How a Forex Trader can make use of BIG MONEY to profit from FOREX”. Can BIG MONEY be even applicable to Forex?

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On 23rd February,  BIG MONEY has been seen to enter the Currency Market – This time it is the EURO. With the BIG MONEY in place, it is expected for the EURO to rise in the weeks ahead. With no doubt of that $1.75 Million dollars placed,  we have seen EURO edging up day by day from $102.60 to the recent price of $104.83 (21 March 2017).  As seen in the EUR/USD chart, it is a cool 252 pips move within the span of slightly less than a month

252 pips Movement
(In less than a month)

For Those Who Long USD

(Its time to take profits when the EURO BIG MONEY is Spotted)

In another way of looking at this, we would also expect USD to weaken even if there is a rate hike on 15 March 2017.  Thus , it is a signal to take profits from USD Longs with anticipation of weaknesses that will occur nearing the Rate Hike on 15 March and after that.

Knowing the movement of BIG MONEY
plays an important aspect in my trading journey